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A set of tools designed to take apart and fit into a rucksack.


THE REGULAR SPADE is a solid socket, forged steel, taper mouth, made with nearly 300 years of heritage. This is fitted with our own precision CNC machined, 3 piece interlocking connector, with a tubular steel and ash 'D' shape handle for comfort, which will shape to the users hand over time. The piece exceeds the British Standard for strength. £99.

THE LONG HANDLE SPADE is the same blade as above but with 2x straight tube sections, one with a soft grip to finish for comfort. Preferred by many this set up will reduce back strain, and increase productivity. £149.


THE MCLEOD / TRAIL TOOL is a 5 use hardened steel 'blade', with: Rake, hoe, pick, wide scraper, and tamper sides. The handle for this is 3 x 20 inch sections, all fitted with the 3 piece steel connectors, one section is the 'end' piece fitted with a rubber grip. £199.




THE FULL SET is the regular spade and the Mcleod as above, 6 peices £289.

THE MEGA SET is the long handle spade and the trail tool, 7 peices £329

THE FAMILY SET is both spades and the trail tool, 9 peices £419

Pick and mix your own set at the same price points.


The ethos behind the design, has been to make a tough dependable tool, which is of equal strength and durability, as its traditional un-packable equivalent. The weight of the tools has been kept to an absolute minimum without compromising on the above point. Trail building is like going to the gym, not easy, but worth it. If we made the tool any lighter, it would not be durable. We hope our tool will span generations.


The technical drawings are by Nick Sutton who is now one of the expert engineers working on the Aston Martin & Redbull Valkyrie hyper car. The connectors are produced by Glebe Engineering of Stoke on Trent, glebe.co.uk est 1930's. The spade heads construction and finishing are by Richard Carters of Huddersfield, the UK's original tool company, richardcarterltd.co.uk est 1740. Totaling around 400 years of industry leading experience #heritage.

Pricing on all items £50 each, then apply the following reductions: 

1-4 piece minus £1.  5 piece minus £6. 

6 piece minus £11.   7 piece minus £21.   

8 piece minus £26.  9 piece minus £31.

This applies to individual tools as described, sets as described, and you may pick and mix your own set applying the stated reduction for the number of pieces you would like. For over 9 pieces get in touch.


The tool is available to pre order via email and paypal. Estimated production date tbc. Estimated delivery date tbc. Delivery for 4 pieces and under £13, 5 pieces and over £23, UK mainland, for overseas please inquire for price.


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